Heras Fence Vehicle Gate Cover


All of our banners are printed using either UV or latex inks. Both ink types are fully rain and UV resistant. Suitable for external use for up to 5 years. Banners come with a hemmed and eyelet finish. The MESH banner is a reinforced material engineered to achieve approximately 35% air-flow through while still maintaining excellent final print result.

• Lightweight and durable

• Higher tensile strength

• Allow air to pass through banner

• Longer life span


Heras Fence Mesh Vehicle Gate Cover

 Printed heras fencing covers are dual-purpose: you can hide an unsightly area and advertise your brand at the same time. Our fencing covers, also known as fence netting, are made with mesh material and printed in full colour.


Heras fencing covers allow users to cover an unsightly or private area while advertising brands and events with maximum impact on prime advertising space. These fence panel covers, also known as fence netting, are printed onto robust Mesh material in full-colour for high impact heras fencing screening. These are commonly used on construction site fencing


Our mesh material contains thousands of tiny holes to allow wind to pass through, reducing wind-loading and making the fences much less likely to blow over. Standard PVC banners can act like giant sails, causing panels to fall


Unlike other advertising banners and signage, full colour printed Heras Fencing banners rarely need planning permission in city-centre locations. While hoarding panels are generally a one-off use product, Heras fencing screening covers can be used again and again on multiple sites. Ideal for outdoor events, a building site, construction sites or for temporary fencing covers. For a branded Heras fence, look no further


We design our fencing covers to fit a standard-sized Heras fencing using plastic cable ties to secure. our covers can be used to advertise, provide information about the project or provide vital health and safety information.


Why mesh? The thousands of tiny holes in the material allow wind to pass through the fencing cover, so it reduces wind-loading and is less likely to blow over. Standard PVC banners, on the other hand, can billow out like sails, causing your heras fence panels to fall over.


Unlike other advertising signage, heras fencing panels don’t typically require planning permission to hang up. And unlike hoarding panels, our heras fence covers can be used again and again.

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