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Vinyl banners

For special occasions such as opening nights and seasonal sales it is important for shops and restaurants to make local residents aware of the upcoming event and a temporary sign hanging in front of the premises is an effective way to ensure that the big day is well attended. Our signs are printed with high quality inks which will not fade in sunlight or run in wet weather. They are available in all sizes and can be produced in accordance with any artwork submitted to us. We are able to supply customers from all over the UK and orders can be placed and paid for on our website. Advertising banners have been used to display special offers for many years and our mesh products are ideal for larger signs as they can be used in areas where high winds are common as they allow the wind to pass through them. For years syne has been producing many brighter banners birmingham can be proud of.


One tried and trusted way to raise awareness of a new brand is by exhibiting at trade fairs across the country. When using a fixed stand for such events it can work out to be rather expensive though, so for smaller businesses and those that are counting the pennies another solution needs to be found. In addition to our standard range of signs we can help out with our inexpensive pop up banners that will pull up easily and can be reused to save money. These are manufactured to the same high standards as all our other products and because we are always looking at ways to keep our costs down we are able to supply them at prices that our competitors just cannot match. Once we receive an order we will send a confirmation email with instructions on how to send us the artwork that we will work from.

A complete range

A quick look at our website will give prospective customers an idea of what we are capable of and if there is anything special that is required such as some roll up banners in a different width then please feel free to contact us by telephone or email and we will do our best to help. In addition to temporary signs we are also able to supply promotional t-shirts, stickers and many other products featuring custom designed graphics. Posters are available in many sizes and finishes and flags can be made to order for outdoor displays and corporate events. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach and fast turnaround times as many previous clients can confirm. Whatever your printing needs we will always endeavour to quote the most competitive price that we can, whether for a large quantity of outdoor roller banners or a small run of clear vinyl stickers.