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Printed Mesh Banners

Printed mesh banners are perfect for displays in high-wind areas, such as scaffolding, fences, and lamp posts. With our super-wide format solvent printing machines, we can create a PVC mesh banner of any size, with any design. Your mesh banner will be exactly to your specifications.

Windproof Mesh Banners

Not only do the thousands of tiny holes in the mesh material make mesh banners windproof, but they also allow you to print banners in much larger sizes than standard PVC banners. By allowing air and light to pass through, you can have a huge banner that stays in place and looks great.

Durable Mesh Banners

We supply a range of finishing options to make your mesh sturdy and look attractive. Some of the most common options are hem and eyelets or pole pockets. For larger banners, we’ll add a reinforced hem – an extra layer of webbing to increase hem strength and make your banner last longer. Ask us about our finishing options to see what works best for your mesh banner.

High Quality Mesh Banner Printing

At Syne Graphics, we don’t just want your banner to be durable, we want it to look amazing too. That’s why we use fade-resistant, eco-solvent ink specifically designed for outdoor use. With our high-quality inks and proper banner fitting, your mesh banner can last years outdoors in all weather conditions. Our mesh banners won’t fade, making them the ideal choice for outdoor advertising.

Why use a PVC Mesh Banner?

  • 370 grams per square metre (gsm)
  • Lighter material than traditional PVC
  • Easy to assemble and set up
  • Air passes through to reduce wind loading and "sail effect"
  • Sound passes through so you can use them over concert speakers
  • Make your construction site look cleaner
  • Scuff resistant material
  • Perfect material for a scaffolding banner
  • Use as a building wrap
  • High-resolution, full-colour, fade-resistant print

Mesh Banner Finishing

Our standard finishing option is a hem with metal eyelets around the perimeter of the banner. If you prefer pole pockets, we can add them at no extra cost. Simply specify your pole diameter in your order notes. If you have a large mesh banner that requires a reinforced hem, we can add it for a small additional fee.

Why choose Hems and Eyelets on a Mesh Banner?

A hem and eyelet finish is the most common choice for mesh banners because it’s durable and accessible. The hem doubles the thickness of the banner on the edges, to keep it in place and prevent tearing. With eyelets, you can use rope, bungee-rope, bungee ties, or just about anything to hang up your mesh banner.

Mesh Banners with Reinforced Hems

When you need to hang a large banner, we recommend using a reinforced hem. With more strength than a standard eyelet hem, the reinforced hem has an extra layer of webbing to make your mesh banner’s edging super strong. Reinforced hems may also be fixed with strong eyelets every 2-4 feet around the perimeter of the banner for hanging.

Mesh Banner Fitting

There are a few ways you can install a giant mesh banner, depending on where you’re fitting it. Building Wraps are typically installed in sections, directly onto the scaffolding with Bungee Shock Cord. If there’s no scaffolding, you can install a large mesh banner with a wire cable frame and crisscrossed bungee ropes.

How can I attach my mesh banner to a wall?

To hang your mesh banner on a wall, you’ll need the hem and eyelet finish on your banner so you can screw the banner to the wall with large washers and screws. If your banner is larger than 20 square metres, then we’ll suggest the heavy duty hems and eyelets.

You need a hem and eyelet finish if:

  • You install your banner on a wall using wide-head screws and penny washers
  • You put your banner on a fence or railing with cable ties
  • You attach your banner to scaffolding using cable ties or bungee cord
  • You attach your banner to metal cladding using cladding bolts and penny washers

Why do I need Pole Pockets?

An alternative to the hem and eyelet is the pole pocket finish. These pockets on the end of your banner allow you to slide the banner over a pole or cable. We can place pockets of any size on any edge of the banner, including the bottom to help weigh it down. We can also add eyelets in addition to pole pockets to secure your mesh banner further

You need pole pockets for your mesh banner for:

  • Music venues or events with a stage
  • A cable or rope system for hanging
  • Hanging on lamp posts
  • Hanging with banner brackets
  • Hanging on scaffolding
  • Adding tension with a weighted dowel at the bottom of the banner

Mesh Banner Print File Setup Information

We take your artwork or designs and create stunning PVC mesh banners. However, you must have the correct file type for your design. If not, your mesh banner may not turn out how you envisioned. Read our print file setup guidelines below to help you determine which file you need.

How to supply your print files

We prefer working with PDF files, but we will also accept the following file types: EPS, AI, JPEG (only high-res), and Tiff. For the best printing results, we recommend a resolution between 300 dpi and 400 dpi. Resolution below 300 dpi will make your image look pixelated, and above 400 dpi slows down the upload process without any added visual benefit.


Bleed is a technique that allows a design to be printed over the edges of the canvas, larger than the final banner’s actual size. Once it’s printed, the design is trimmed down to avoid white space around the border. For Syne Graphics, you don’t need to create designs with bleed; create them according to the final proportions of your banner. If needed, you can set your design to scale

CMYK Colour

Before sending us your design files, please ensure the colour settings are in CMYK and not RGB. Our printers use CMYK colour codes, so we will convert any RGB files to CMYK before printing. The conversion process may distort the colours of your original design, so we encourage you to create and submit your design in CMYK for the best results.


When creating your banner design, please allow 50mm inside the edge of the banner for the hem and eyelets. You can add background colours or images in this area, but avoid important text or graphics near the edge of the design as they may be obscured by the hem and eyelets. Unless otherwise stated, we will add a hem and eyelets spaced at 500mm apart to any banner.

Mesh Banners FAQ

Do mesh vinyl banners have a maximum size?

We can print your mesh banner in any size – even big enough to wrap around buildings. We use rolls that are 5 metres wide and can weld sections together for anything wider than 5 metres.

Why a mesh banner?

If you’re hanging your banner in an exposed outdoor location, you’ll want it to be mesh. With tiny holes throughout to reduce wind-loading, mesh banners are the best option for letting wind pass through.

Should I get reinforced hems?

Reinforced hems add strength to your banner with an extra layer of webbing welded into the hem. Not all banners need reinforced hems, but if yours is large, we highly recommend them. Note that you’d like reinforced hems in the finishing instructions during the order process.

Which eyelets do you use?

We use nickel-plated silver eyelets with a 12mm hole. Unless otherwise specified, eyelets are spaced 500mm apart around the edge of the banner. If you require more eyelets or eyelets placed in specific spots, you can add these instructions to your order notes.

What are pole pockets?

Pole pockets are small pockets sewn onto the edges of your mesh banner, wide enough to slide a pole or dowel into. Pole pockets are ideal for mesh banners on lamp posts or large banners that need weighing down at the bottom.

When can I expect my banner after I order?

Our turnaround time for standard mesh banners is 5-6 business days after placing the order and approving the artwork.

Can you print banners to match our company colours?

We use CMYK color codes in our printing process, so if you have a CMYK print file with your company colours, we can easily reproduce it. If you need more specific corporate branding or Pantone colour matching, please contact us.

Are your mesh banners flame retardant?

Yes, our PVC mesh material is flame retardant to level B1.

What do you recommend for fixing a mesh banner to scaffolding?

For smaller banners, pole pockets with the scaffold tube serving as the pole work well. Hem and eyelet banners can also be secured with cable ties or bungee ties. For larger banners, the hem and eyelet finish with reinforced seams is more effective. You can thread a long bungee cord in a zig-zag pattern through the eyelets and attach it to the frame. We also recommend measuring your fixing area before ordering.

Which colours are the most vibrant on mesh banners?

Because the mesh material is full of tiny holes that do allow some light through, stronger and darker colours tend to stand out better. We also wouldn’t recommend using small, fine text as it will be too difficult to read.

Will the banner’s welded joins be visible?

The welded joins will be somewhat visible on mesh. But for most of our customers this isn’t an issue, as large mesh banners are designed to be viewed from a relative distance.

How much does your standard mesh weigh?

Our standard mesh weighs 370 gsm.

What is the wind load specification of your mesh?

Mesh at 370gsm has an air permeability of 3,500 l/m2 per second.

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