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Chapter 8 PVC Barrier Cover - Single Sided

Printed Barrier Covers

Printed Barrier covers are dual-purpose: you can hide an unsightly area and advertise your brand at the same time.

Barrier covers allow users to cover an unsightly or private area while advertising brands and events with maximum impact on prime advertising space.

Unlike other advertising banners and signage, full colour printed Barrier Cover banners rarely need planning permission in city-centre locations. While hoarding panels are generally a one-off use product, Barrier covers can be used again and again on multiple sites. Ideal for outdoor events, a building site, construction sites or for temporary fencing covers. For a branded Heras fence, look no further

We design our fencing covers to fit a standard-sized Heras fencing using plastic cable ties to secure. our covers can be used to advertise, provide information about the project or provide vital health and safety information.

Unlike other advertising signage, barrier cover panels don’t typically require planning permission to hang up. And unlike hoarding panels, our barrier covers can be used again and again.

Barrier Covers for Construction Sites

Without covers on them, barrier covers look unattractive – making your construction site an even bigger eyesore. Those ugly, bare fencing panels are a great opportunity for communication and brand awareness, with vibrant, eye-catching banners fitted to them.

We print our barrier covers in full colour, so your design options are limitless. Some great options are simple brand logos, photographic images, artist impressions, and bold messages. You can even print CGI images of your housing development for customers to get a sense of what their new home will look like.

Barrier Covers for Events

Barrier covers are a must at events with barriers and perimeters. There’s no better place to build brand awareness than at a live event. If you put some forethought into your designs, you can re-use your fencing covers from one event to the next

Why use Barrier Covers?

  • Withstand all weather conditions
  • Fit onto fencing in minutes
  • Easy way to promote brands
  • Communicate important health and safety information
  • Made from flame retardant material
  • Hide unattractive areas from public view
  • Simple advertising solution

Barrier Covers Print File Setup Information

We print your artwork directly on your barrier covers, but it’s imperative you send us a properly formatted design. Without following our below guidelines, your fence cover may not turn out how you planned it.

How to supply your print files

Please send files as PDFs. We will also accept EPS, AI, High-res JPEG, and Tiff files if needed. We recommend formatting your images with a resolution between 300dpi – 400dpi. Anything below 300dpi will end up looking too pixelated. Once you’ve purchased your heras fence cover, our design team will be in touch to ask for your print files.


Some printers require bleed in their print files, but bleed is not necessary for our barrier covers. You can set your artwork to the proportions of your final printed barrier cover.

CMYK Colour

We print using CMYK colour settings, not RGB. Please ensure your print files are created with CMYK colours because if they are not, we will convert them to CMYK for printing. This conversion could lead to distorted or faded colours, effectively ruining your final design. We will double-check before printing to ensure your files have the correct colour settings and contact you if there needs to be a change.

Barrier Covers FAQ's

Why use Special Barrier Covers?

Barrier covers allow users to cover an unsightly or private area while advertising brands and events with maximum impact on prime advertising space .

How do I Upload artwork for barrier covers?

Uploading your artworks is simple with our online customiser. When adding you barrier covers to basket you will be able to upload your files there. If you need big qaunities with lots of different artworks please contact us for a custom quote so we can ensure you get the best price possible.

Can I have more than one design on my barrier covers?

Yes, we can print as many different artworks as you need

Do you have a Downloadbale design template for barrier covers?

Yes, we do. Please email and we can send over templates

How long will it take for my barrier covers to arrive?Yes,

Once your artwork has been approved your barrier covers will arrive in 4-6 working days

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