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Crowd Barrier Covers
Crowd Barrier Covers Printing | Syne Graphics

Crowd Barrier Covers

When you use crowd barriers at an event, you don’t want the fencing or metal exposed because it looks unprofessional. A crowd barrier cover, or scrim banner, adds class to your event and gives you an excellent branding opportunity. Our custom printed covers are made with PVC, mesh, airmesh, or even PVC-free material to suit your needs.

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46m Continuous* Airtex Barrier Cover

• Logo printed on white material ONLY • Cable ties included • Approx 46m in length (equal to x20 barriers) • Made from 115gsm, 100% polyester • For indoor and outdoor use • Colourfast and water-resistant inks • Ideal for use in high winds • Single sided

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Printed Crowd Barrier Covers

Our printed crowd barrier covers give your event a stylish, polished look. We can custom print your designs on any scrim banner, letting you create brand awareness and brighten up a dull event. Crowd barriers help you organise your event, but they shouldn’t be ugly to look at. With our custom printed covers, your crowd barriers will be eye-catching.

Windproof Mesh Crowd Barrier Covers

If you’ve gone to the trouble of installing crowd barrier covers, you don’t want them billowing in the wind so no one can read them. Our PVC and airmesh covers are designed to withstand wind and outdoor air currents from large crowds. With thousands of tiny holes throughout the material, the wind load is reduced and your crowd barrier covers stay flat.

Durable Crowd Barrier Covers

In addition to being windproof and all-weather resistant, our crowd barrier covers also come fitted with hem and eyelet finishing. The hem keeps the cover’s edges from tearing or fraying, and the evenly-spaced eyelets allow you to easily attach the covers to your crowd barriers with cable ties. We also print our crowd barrier covers with high-quality, eco-friendly ink designed for outdoor use.

High Quality Mesh Banner Printing

With our fade-resistant, eco-solvent outdoor inks, your scrim banners will withstand years of sun, wind, and rain. You can re-use your crowd barrier covers event after event, without seeing signs of major wear and tear. Our environmentally friendly printing process combined with the covers’ reusability makes our crowd barrier covers a sustainable choice. H3: What makes a PVC Crowd Barrier Cover the best choice for your next event?

  • Lightweight materials that are easy to fit
  • Windproof
  • Use over concert speakers with full sound passing through
  • Scuff resistant and hard wearing material
  • Suitable for red carpet premieres
  • Perfect for screened off waiting areas at events
  • Weather and fade resistant
  • Covers with full-colour print in high resolution

Mesh Crowd Barrier Cover Finishing

The standard finish for our mesh crowd barrier covers is a stitched hem with metal eyelets. The hem and eyelet finish is the most common choice for crowd barrier covers because of its versatility. We can also create covers that slide over the top of your crowd barriers, with printing on either side for maximum brand visibility. If you have larger crowd barriers, we can add a reinforced hem to strengthen the covers further.

Choosing a Hem and Eyelet Finish on a Mesh Crowd Barrier Cover

With a finished hem and metal eyelets around the edge of your crowd barrier cover, you increase the durability of your cover substantially. These covers are the most cost-effective and easiest to attach to crowd barriers, using disposable cable ties. You can cut the ties as soon as the event is over without damaging your barrier cover, allowing you to use it for your next event.

Mesh Covers with Reinforced Hems

For some scrim banners, we’ll add a reinforced hem. This type of hem has an extra layer of webbing placed in the hem to make it stronger and more durable. The reinforced hem is recommended for larger crowd barrier covers, to help better keep them in place. The reinforced hems are also ideal for areas exposed to wind and bad weather.

Crowd Barrier Covers Print File Setup Information

If you want your crowd barrier covers to look great, then you must send us the correct design files. We’ll use your files to print your barrier cover and if you don’t follow the right specifications, it could end up looking less amazing than you pictured. But if you follow our guidelines below and send us ready-to-print artwork, we’ll create exactly the crowd barrier cover you’ve imagined.

How to supply your print files

For artwork for crowd barrier covers, we prefer PDF files. We will also accept EPS, AI, High-Res JPEG, and Tiff files, however. We also recommend setting your resolution to between 300-400 dpi (dots per inch). After your purchase, our print team will email you to request your artwork files.


There's no need to add bleed to your print-ready designs. You can set the design to the correct proportions of your mesh crowd barrier cover and if necessary, set it to scale.

CMYK Colour

Our printers use CMYK colour settings, not RGB. Ensure that the colour settings on your device are set to CMYK when creating your artwork. If you submit a file in RGB settings, we will automatically convert it to CMYK, which may distort the colours you had in mind for your scrim banner.

Crowd Barrier Covers FAQ

We can print crowd cover barriers 2.3 metres wide and as long as you like. Please measure your crowd barriers beforehand and provide us with the dimensions. We will recommend the best size for you based on the finishing option you choose.

Crowd barrier covers aren’t a necessity, but they do make your event look exponentially more professional with minimal effort. They’re easy to fit and you can promote your brand or sell advertising space to sponsors of your event.

Yes, we can add your custom artwork to both sides of your crowd barrier cover so it looks good no matter where you’re viewing it from.

Absolutely! Upload the files for all of your designs and let us know in the order notes how many covers of each design you would like.

You can expect to receive your custom-printed crowd barrier covers within 5-6 working days from the order and artwork approval.

Our printing machines are calibrated to accurately reproduce all the information in your CMYK print files. If you include the colour in your print file, our printers will match it. If you need specific corporate branding or Pantone colour matching, please contact us.

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