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PVC Banners
PVC Banners Printing | Syne Graphics

PVC Banners

Our PVC banners are one of our most popular products. We can print them in any size, starting at £15 per square metre. Our quality banners are available in 440gsm, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. For maximum strength PVC banners, we also offer a heavy-duty 550gsm option. All of our 440gsm banners are frontlit matt laminated, constructed for good tear and tensile strength. We also print with either latex or UV inks on all our PVC banners, making them rain- and UV-resistant for up to 5 years.

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Printed PVC Banners

Printed PVC banners are durable and attractive, adding your company branding, logo, or message easily to any indoor or outdoor space. All of our printed PVC banners are finished with hems and eyelets or pole pockets, and can withstand external use for up to 5 years. Our versatile PVC banners come single- or double-sided, so you can hang them almost anywhere. Add a printed PVC banner to your construction site to increase safety awareness or hang banners at your event to advertise your business. Our exterior and interior PVC banners are also REACH-compliant and fire rated to B1 certification.

PVC Banners for Construction Sites

PVC banners are perfect for your construction site. Add banners to cover up the site and keep pedestrians from wandering in, or to advertise your new building. Because our PVC banners are both lightweight and durable, they’re easy to install and will withstand rain and other weather conditions for several years. On a construction site, safety is paramount. To let passers by know your site is off-limits, or to signal that anyone who enters should have the proper safety gear on, you can hang a PVC banner at the entrance.

PVC Banners for Events

Our high-quality, matt-finish PVC printed banners are designed to complement any type of event. Whether it’s a sporting match, concert, festival, or exposition, you’ll need durable, lightweight printed banners to advertise and send messages to event attendees. With either a hem and eyelet finish or pole pockets, our PVC printed banners are easy to install and won’t tear or fray on the edges.

Why use PVC Banners?

  • Banner material constructed from quality-grade PVC
  • Full-colour printing in rain- and UV-resistant ink
  • Durable, weather-resistant material and finish
  • Lowest price in the UK on a like-for-like product
  • Free hem and eyelet or pole pocket finishing

PVC Banner Print File Setup Information

We create your new PVC printed banner from your artwork. To ensure the best results, we ask that you format your digital artwork files correctly. We’ve included our preferred print file setup specifications below.

How to supply your print files

We prefer working with PDF files, but we will also accept EPS, AI, High Res JPEG, and TIFF files. We also recommend that your image has a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) minimum. Also, please don’t go above 400 dpi, as it won’t improve the image quality and will only slow down the printing process. After your purchase, we will contact you and ask you to send us your print files.


We don’t require any bleed on your artwork for a printed PVC banner. Please set your artwork to the correct proportions of your final printed PVC banner. You can also set your artwork to scale if necessary.

CMYK Colour

Please send us your final print files in CMYK colour settings, not RGB. Our full-colour solvent printing process relies on CMYK settings, so we will convert any RGB settings to CMYK for printing. This conversion can make the final product look washed out. We will contact you before printing if we notice your colour settings are not CMYK.

PVC Banners FAQ

All of our PVC banners are printed according to your needs. With our printing process, we can create a banner as large as you like. Please contact us for details.

PVC printed banners are durable, lightweight, and attention-grabbing. Printed with weather-resistant inks that put in a stunning appearance, and constructed with high-quality material, PVC banners last a long time. Our banners also come with free finishing, in either hem and eyelet or pole pockets. The durability of PVC banners makes them a cost-effective choice.

Yes! You can order single- or double-sided PVC banners.

Of course! Upload all the print files for the banners you wish to have printed and let us know how many banners you would like for each design.

You can expect your new PVC Banners to arrive 5-6 working days after your order and approval of your artwork.

Our CMYK colour printing process is calibrated to match your colours accurately. If you need specific corporate colour matching or Pantone colours, please call us.

All of our PVC Banner material is flame retardant to B1 certification.

Our printing process produces a faithful representation of your print design based on the quality, resolution and colour saturation levels of the print file you send us.

We produce PVC Banners in 440gsm and 550gsm.

3500 l/m2 per second

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