Weather Proof Posters
Weather Proof Posters

Weather Proof Posters

Our custom outdoor posters are made from premium quality 120gsm Polypropylene, using a bright white finish for vibrant prints and are fully weatherproof. These full-colour printed posters are perfect for external use – they’re waterproof and easily wiped clean. See your design printed on a durable, outdoor poster, ideal for pavement signs, promotional events, construction sites, and other outdoor signage. We have a range of different sizes available, starting with A2 and including custom sizes. Weatherproof posters start at just £6 each and are fully recyclable.

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Printed Weather Proof Poster

Weatherproof posters are ideally suited for a range of outdoor uses. Both wind-resistant and rain-resistant, durable Polypropylene posters will stand up to the elements while maintaining colour vibrancy. We use high-resolution, high-quality print to bring your design to life to ensure your poster makes a bold impression no matter what the weather looks like. Use a weatherproof poster at concerts and festivals, outdoor expos, construction sites, pavement signs, and several other outdoor sites to promote your business or communicate safety hazards to passers by.

Printed Poster For Outdoors

An attractive UV suitable poster that protects colour vibrancy in direct sunlight is perfect for external use. Our high-strength polypropylene posters are an affordable solution to advertise your brand or spread your message. Weatherproof posters are a cost-effective solution for multiple events, large functions, promotions, or programmes. In addition to being reusable, Polypropylene posters are also durable and high-quality, putting in an attractive appearance that will make event guests or passers by take notice.

Why use Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a material perfectly suited for the outdoors as it is tough and difficult to tear, making it well equipped to resist strong winds and hold its shape. The structure of Polypropylene provides for superior water repellence, making it the best material for weatherproof posters. It's water resistant properties also means it can easily be wiped clean without causing your poster's vibrant colours and designs to fade. Our PVC-free posters are full-colour printed with waterproof inks, as well as being eco solvent, solvent and latex suitable. As a poster material that's fast drying, Polypropylene works well for short-term outdoor applications, so is perfect for construction projects or placement at outdoor recreational facilities.

Why Use Our Weatherproof Posters?

  • Made from strong, high-quality Polypropylene poster material
  • Fast drying results
  • Polypropylene is water resistant so suitable for short-term outdoor applications
  • Bright white finish for vibrant prints
  • Eco solvent, solvent, latex and UV suitable
  • Long-lasting, cost-effective durability
  • PVC-free
  • Classification 5 recyclable
  • Printed with your custom design for any occasion

Weather Proof Print File Setup Information

We create your new Weather Proof printed poster from your artwork. To ensure the best results, we ask that you format your digital artwork files correctly. We've included our preferred print file setup specifications below.

How to supply your print files

We prefer working with PDF files, but we will also accept EPS, AI, High Res JPEG, and TIFF files. We also recommend that your image has a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) minimum. Anything below that threshold may appear pixelated. Also, please don't go above 400 dpi, as it won't improve the image quality and will only slow down the printing process. After your purchase, we will contact you and ask you to send us your print files. Following your purchase, our team will contact you via email to request your print ready artwork files for printing.


We don't require any bleed on your artwork for a printed Weather Proof poster. Please set your artwork to the correct proportions of your final printed Weather Proof poster. You can also set your artwork to scale if necessary.

CMYK Colour

Please send us your final print files in CMYK colour settings, not RGB. Our full-colour solvent printing process relies on CMYK settings, so we will convert any RGB settings to CMYK for printing. This conversion can make the final product look washed out. We will contact you before printing if we notice your colour settings are not CMYK.

Weather Proof Posters FAQ

All of our Weather Proof posters are printed according to your needs. With our printing process, we can create a poster as large as you like. Please contact us for details.

Weather Proof printed posters are durable, lightweight, and attention-grabbing. Printed with weather-resistant inks that put in a stunning appearance, and constructed with high-quality material, PVC posters last a long time. The durability of Weather Proof posters makes them a cost-effective choice.

Yes! You can order single- or double-sided Weather Proof posters.

Of course! Upload all the print files for the posters you wish to have printed and let us know how many posters you would like for each design.

You can expect your new Weather Proof posters to arrive 5-6 working days after your order and approval of your artwork.

Our CMYK colour printing process is calibrated to match your colours accurately. If you need specific corporate colour matching or Pantone colours, please call us.

All of our Weather Proof material is flame retardant to B1 certification.

Our printing process produces a faithful representation of your print design based on the quality, resolution and colour saturation levels of the print file you send us.

We produce Polypropylene posters in 120gsm weight.

3500 l/m2 per second

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